Thursday, March 17, 2016


It is not very often that I am completely alone. Last week the girls both had a class at the nature center and instead of running errands I went for a walk on one of the park's trails. It was so peaceful. I love homeschooling and the busyness that comes with being a mother but for a short while I enjoyed the solitude. 
It was warm that day but when I was by the water it was much cooler. 
I walked for 2 1/2 miles. 
I was surprised by the hills on this trail. 
There were two trees in this trail that were much bigger than the rest. I'm sure they are dead too. They were so interesting though. 
Just me and my shadow...
It turned out to be longer than I thought. 
But I made it. It felt good to take my shoes off and relax for a while while I waited for the girls' classes to finish. I hope the weather is nice next week so I can try a new trail.