Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A new adventure with Poetry - Tea Time Tuesday

Starting last August we added Tea Time Tuesday to our school week. It really is quite simple but the results have been excellent. I read about Tea Time Tuesday on the Brave Writer website. Here are Julie Bogart's (the creator) recommendations for Poetry Teatimes. Our teatime may be a little different but the main idea is there. Relax with some tea (or lemon-aid in Sierra's case), some treats, and poetry. The girls love it so much. The best part is Zoey is enjoying poetry again and Sierra has been memorizing short poems to share.

For our first teatime the girls got all dressed up. Frilly dresses, necklaces and rings. I didn't expect them to do this but it was cute. They also invited along a few of their stuffed friends. In the beginning I selected some books of children's poetry but now they look for books of poetry themselves.

Here is what it looks like at our house.

A few weeks ago when we had snow for three days. After playing outside in the snow we changed Tea Time Tuesday to Hot Chocolate Wednesday. The girls loved it. 

We do not have Teatime every week but when we do we all seem to enjoy it and learn something in a relaxed and delicious environment.