Thursday, January 2, 2014

Art Class

Last summer I stumbled across a DVD art class for home school families. Then I found it on sale at a really great price! Woo Hoo! So what is it you ask? It is called Home Art Studio. This is where I purchased it.   Art teacher Lindsey Volin does a wonderful job teaching directly to the students. I love this part. The girls follow her instructions so I get a break from teaching.  It is very simple. The girls and I gather the supplies, put in the DVD and start art class. The girls really like Ms. Volin too and say she is nice. (Hmmm, compared to grumpy old

They are both using the kindergarten and 2nd grade DVD's this year. So far they have both enjoyed all of the lessons. They have been learning different art techniques and about different artists.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story...


Love that tongue! Ha!

So we are all having a great time with this new art class added to our school this year. The girls can't wait for the next class. 
Also, I just want to add that I in no way profit from this and I am not associated in anyway with the product. Just wanted to share the fun we are having with family and friends. Have a great day! 

P.S. I have read other reviews where the parent said they loved the program because they are not the artsy type. Well I am. I don't necessarily love the mess but my girls have and will always be exploring art. However, my way of doing this is more of a free exploration method. Zoey and Sierra benefit greatly from this program because it teaches art technique and art appreciation among other things. Personal style and creativity is also encouraged. Thank you Mrs. Volin!