Thursday, January 10, 2013

101st day of school

I was going to blog when it was our 100th day of school but I missed it. Oops! So here we are on the 101st day of school. Today Zoey finished the First Language Lessons book Volume 1. We did the review at the end and she did great. I am amazed at how much she has learned about grammar. She also has memorized several poems and grammar definitions. In the middle of the lesson she told me how grammar is helping her with math and math is helping her with other things. She also told me she can see numbers in her head and that is how she does her math. I thought that was cute. I guess the mental math approach is sinking in.

Speaking of math, Zoey is 3/4 the way done with her first grade math work in Singapore Math. She is about 1/2 way through Miquon 1st grade math. The programs work so well together. She had the cuisenairre rods available to use when ever she wants but is using them less and less. A few days ago she was working a problem and she took a few 10 rods out then she stopped before she had all she needed. I could tell by the look on her face she was figuring it out in her head. She did it! She likes addition much more than subtraction but then don't we all? Right now she loves to do fractions in the Miquon program.

We have started a new program for learning to write. It is called Writing With Ease. It is an easy program that consists of two days of copy work, and two days narration. Each week the copy work and narration is based on passage from well knows stories. For example the first week was from Little House on the Prairie. The copy work gives her a choice of sentence length and is very manageable for her. The narration consists of me reading a passage from the story and then asking her questions about what I just read. She has to answer in complete sentences and this is the part she really did not like at first. She is OK with it now but would prefer to just give a fragment answer. A side benefit of this program is Zoey wants to read the whole story when we are done with the week. Right now we are reading through Pinocchio. It is nothing like the Disney movie. No surprise there right. We are only five weeks in to this program but we are definitely going to stick with it. It only takes a few minutes a day and the benefits can already be seen.

Zoey is also almost done with her phonics program. She should be done by the end of January. It is amazing how well she is reading but she still needs much practice.

This week gym class and science class started back. Zoey loves both of these and was so happy to return. Sierra is able to take some science classes now too. Not as often as Zoey but when she does she LOVES it. Sierra also started gym class this week which she also loves.

We have continued with the book of the week for both of the girls too. The last book we did in December for Zoey was The Duchess Bakes a Cake and for Sierra was The ABC Bunny. The both ready enjoyed the books and we even made a bunny cake! Over the winter break we worked on a unit study about volcanoes. We did it while taking a break from our regular school work. We are still reading and talking about volcanoes. They are watching a video about Pompeii right now. Zoey has been interested in volcanoes for a long time so she loved this study. One fun thing we did was make edible models of the earth. We put it together layer by layer then cut it in half to see the layers. Finally they ate it up! I was going to add pictures here but the upload function is not working right now. Boo!

Sierra is doing great with learning her letters, numbers, shapes, colors and so much more that she constantly surprises me.

I guess that is all for now. It is hard to believe that we are over half way through the school year. I have a feeling May will be here before I know it. Thanks for reading and I will share pictures through Shutterfly when I get a chance.