Friday, April 20, 2012

The Story of Ferdinand

I promised a while ago (two months) to share how our week with Ferdinand went. I thought for sure I would get to it way before now. I will try to keep it simple and short so I actually finish it. So here goes...

The book of the week was The Story of Ferdinand. I set up a little thing called a teaser. It is a collection of items including books, pictures, and anything else you can think of that go along with the book. The girls were excited when they saw it and couldn't wait to get started.

We started off the week as we always do. After reading the book we colored our story disk and found Spain on our world map. Both Zoey and Sierra are doing the story disks this year so there isn't much room on the map for all of our story disks but we are making it work. Next we learned a little about Spain. We tried out some Spanish dancing and a few Spanish words.

On Tuesday we learned about interjections. Wow! Zoey thought every sentence that ended with and exclamation point was an interjection so I had to explain the difference. Later in the week she added a few interjections to some pictures she drew. Very cute. We also talked about how this story is a fantasy story and not a true story.

The next day Zoey and Sierra acted out some of the scenes in the book. I expected this to be fun and it was. Also very fun was finding the humor in the illustrations.  We tried to come up with what some of the people were saying and this made Zoey laugh uncontrollably. She begged me to do it over and over again every time we read the story after this.

Zoey the Matador

For applied math on Thursday I showed the girls how many inches are in a foot and how many feet in a yard. Next I measured them on their growth chart to see how much they grew, just like Ferdinand.

To close out the week we learned about vultures. There is a vulture pictured in the book. This lead Zoey wanting to know more about scavengers. On the back of the vulture book we got from the library it showed other scavenger books. We were all excited that our library had them and we reserved them online. We also learned about cork. We watched a video on YouTube to see how cork grows and is harvested. I also had a surprise set up for Zoey and Sierra. I told them it was not exciting but just something funny. I took a bunch of corks I had (thanks mom) and attached them together with paperclips and attached it to a tree in the backyard. In the book Ferdinand likes to sit under a cork tree. One of the funny things about the illustrations in the book is that the cork tree has corks hanging from its branches. We had talked all week how that is not how cork trees really look. Zoey laughed and laughed at the corks hanging from our tree. Sierra giggled some too. The picture below isn't great but you get the idea.

Next we made small boats using corks, tooth picks, and paper. I let them test out their boats in a small container of water. That was fun but soon the boats were changing into other things and they were gone into pretend land. It was so funny to watch. They really crack me up.

We had a great time with Ferdinand. We have not been doing Five in a Row every week this year but I am glad we are back to doing it. It is so much fun and what they learn really stays with them.