Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to basics week

This last week we did not have a book of the week. Having a Girl Party on Saturday to plan for was enough to keep us busy with our extra time. We worked on the three R's and read many books each day. This week we are going to do a until study of Autumn with Download N Go.  Download N Go is something that I found online this summer and I have been so excited to use it. This upcoming week should be perfect week for a study of Autumn. The leaves are a bit late in changing this year but they are right on the edge of changing.  On our drive home from the Kingdom Hall today we notices some of the trees that change first had beautiful yellow leaves on them. I just tucked Zoey into bed and she is excited about the upcoming week too. It will be interesting to try something new. We will go back to the Book of the Week when we complete this study and our next book will go right along with this theme.

I will upload pictures of the party as soon as I can. It went really well. The activities I had planned went great and the timing of everything couldn't of been any better. I am glad I didn't plan anymore activities because what I had was just right. One thing that was good and bad at the same time was that by the end of the day Zoey had a stomach ache. It is bad that she had one because of all of the junk food but I thought it was good because it shows that her body isn't used to that. I guess I do a good job of feeding them mostly health foods. Her upset stomach didn't last long and maybe next time I will add more fruits to the table instead of chips but hey it was their first Girl Party. Or Gul Poddy as Sierra would say.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Lentil turned out to be an unexpected surprise. I didn't think Zoey was going to enjoy this book too much for some reason but she and I both really got into it. The story is about a boy, Lentil, who sings badly and cannot whistle because he can't pucker. He buys a harmonica and becomes and excellent at playing it. When the town celebration is almost ruined because of Old Steep sucking on a lemon, Lentil plays his harmonica and saves the day.

Because of so many other things going on we spread out the activities over two weeks. We started off by putting our story disk on Ohio and looking at some books about Ohio. Then we discussed how the character Steep was disagreeable but had a change of heart by the end of the story. For language arts we discussed elements of a good story. Zoey was not interested in this and plugged her ears while I was talking. I ignored her and she ended up asking me questions about it. She is stinker for sure. For art we tried something new, charcoal! I was very surprised how well Zoey did. I was expecting a mess so we used it in the garage.

Later we cut up a banana to discuss fractions. The lesson also suggested pointing out the illustrations in the book of music notes. Zoey didn't even give me a chance before she started talking about whole notes and so on. Wish I knew something about reading music. I think I will look for a basic book at the library. Maybe Zoey could teach me. For science we cut up a lemon and did a taste test. What an easy way to learn what sour is.

We talked about taste buds and made lemon-aid! We also made lemon chicken. I really liked it. Mat and Zoey were so-so about it and Sierra, meat are you kidding me! We also acted out the story once we found our harmonica. Zoey likes to act out the story if at all possible but I don't think we have done it since Ping.

In addition to this we continue to work on letter sounds, numbers, following directions and practice writing. Sometimes we just dig in the dirt.

One more picture just for fun. Zoey can really put together some interesting outfits....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life happens sometimes

Grandparents, doctor appointments, gymnastics, and a picnic all happened this week so not much of our planned activities for the book Lentil did. Last week's leftovers become this week's lesson plans. Works for me. What our week did contain was lots of fun with lots of people. Monday we spent most of the day at Grandma (Gunk Gunk) and Poppy's house. Mat was working late so we stayed for dinner. Zoey loved digging in the dirt. She added acorns and other stuff to make a mud pie, yummy. Sierra did some digging and acorn gathering but she mostly liked to be on the swing. As long as I would push her she would stay. Wednesday Grandma Uram was here to visit. Zoey was so glad to show her and Valerie how she could ride her new bike! Thursday the girls had their well check ups. Poor Sierra had to get two shots, ouch! She saw the spots where the shots were later that day and called them dots. She said dots gone. She wanted to spots to be gone. I think she thought if they were gone it would not hurt anymore. Friday Zoey started her new gymnastics class. She said it was great, two thumbs up. After that we went to a nearby park and met with a group of other homeschoolers. We had lunch and played at the park until almost 2:00. Ahhh, the weekend is here now. Football is getting ready to start, yeah!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How things change...week three review.

About a year ago I checked out the book Madeline from the library. Zoey did not like it. No big deal. When we started the Five in a Row curriculum I knew it was one of the books and wondered if I should do it or not. I decided to do it and just see what would happen. Well Zoey LOVED it. She loved the book, the activities, the character Madeline and we had a great week. Ugh well I will have to come back and finish this later...

Ah back now. It is the next day now let me see if I can finish this now.

We started off the week with finding France on the world map and reviewing the previous countries we have studied. I must use the word "studied" very loosely. I have books from the library about the country or US state and I attempt to get Zoey interested. She is somewhat interested but generally does not want to look at those books. I, however, am enjoying these books. lol Great pictures and fun information. The fun thing about this so far has been seeing what she wants to learn about and what she doesn't. This summer I would never of guessed that she would of gotten so interested in dead trees. She still finds dead trees and wants to talk about them, how they died, what is living in them, how long they have been there, ect. Anyways, she does love finding the place on the map that we are looking for. Sierra loves doing it too.

This week we had rainy days so one day I decided to set paints up in the garage with long pieces of paper to paint on. I figured they could run around in the garage when they were done. What a nice surprise when they were done painting it was done raining and they got to play outside! Sierra got very creative with the paints she got some in Zoey's hair and on the back of her skirt. I think they just bumped into each other. The last time we used paintbrushes outside we were painting on the driveway with homemade sidewalk paint so Sierra kept trying to take the brushes out of the garage. Zoey painted people and animals. There were detailed stories to go with each of her pictures too. The only thing I can remember is one of them was Amy and Emma walking her dog.

Zoey loved the vocabulary words again. We have done three words each week and she immediatly uses two of them in her play and conversations. I didn't think she would like it at all but she keeps surprising me.  We lined up 12 bear counters in two lines then three lines and so on. Many different ways to divide up 12. Friday we had a wonderful time at a playground we had not been to before. I love having a picnic lunch at the park because there is almost no clean up. We finished the week by cooking a French dish for dinner.

We made quiche and the girls loved helping. Zoey was thrilled to get to crack the eggs, she did great, and only got one small piece of egg shell in the bowl. She was even more excited to use the blender. :-) While they both loved helping with making the dinner they did not like the quiche too much. Sierra said, "Nope," when I asked her if she liked it. Zoey said she liked it a little. The loved the French fruit platter that we had along with it. We also learned how to count in French this week. Zoey mixed it up with Spanish. It sounded pretty funny.

I must also add that I started and restared this post so many times. I actually finished it this morning only to have all that I added disappear. So if is choppy I am sorry.